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About Us!


Brazil has a spiritualist tradition that dates back to the beginning of Spiritualism. The Spiritualist movement in Brazil is known as Spiritism and started as a branch of the Spiritualist studies and practices that flourish around Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail (1804-1869) in the third quarter of the XIX century. Allan Kardec, as Rivail was to be known later, introduced a set of Spiritualist principles encompassing not only the basic precepts of Spiritualism such as life after death, the possibility of communication between the material and the ‘invisible’ worlds, but also the belief in reincarnation.

The League of Researchers on Spiritism (Liga de Pesquisadores do Espiritismo – LIHPE) is a virtual community that brings together academic and non-academic researchers from Brazil and abroad. LIHPE is not a discussion list, but a information resource to improve networking of its members or  anyone working on issues related to Spiritism. Our primary goal is thus engage and link researchers who often work alone or in small groups with limited communication and interaction, promoting ingroup synergy.

LIHPE has a close relationship with CCDPE-ECM (Center for Culture, Documentation and Research on Spiritism  “Eduardo Carvalho de Monteiro”), which has been publishing books authored by LIHPE members since 2009 and has been offering courses, seminars and workshops on Spiritism, since 1987. CCDPE-ECM is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Once a year, LIHPE holds an national meeting (called ENLIHPE) hosted by CCDPE. During two days, attending researchers have the opportunity to present their studies, which are improved and discussed in-depth. The attendance and moderating function of academic and senior members of LIHPE offers an excellent possibility to receive meaningful feedback for submitted work in addition to the integrating action of the meeting.


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