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LIHPE history

Our founder Eduardo Carvalho Monteiro had two initiatives more than on decade ago: to congregate academic researchers from Brazil and outside to exchange information about their works and academic interests and to create a center for culture, documentation and research.

On March 17, 2002 a virtual group was established with the aim of making people work together and exchanging materials about researcher´s works and supporting activities in several areas related to Spiritualism and its history.

At that time, the organization was also implemented through several non-virtual LIHPE meetings in São Paulo. Eduardo Carvalho Monteiro then emphasized the important of periodic meetings to booster the development of research on Spiritualism and the Spiritualist movement (history).

Within a short time, more than 200 members subscribed to the group and presented the need to create an identity, not as a formal institution or organization. The group’s name was then coined: League of Historians and Researchers on Spiritism (in Portuguese, LIHPE).

Primeiro Logo da LIHPE

The first group logo dates from this time.

After several common activities, Eduardo Carvalho Monteiro finished his participation on this life side (he died on 15/12/2005), but the space he created continued in spite of the many difficulties that appeared after his death and the lack of proper infrastructure to ensure LIHPE functioning.

Several group members then kept the Monteiro’s idea alive and a new effort arose to assemble again researchers and to set a new infrastructure. The 4th meeting then took place (in 2009) in collaboration with CCDPE-ECM, another association also created by Eduardo Carvalho Monteiro to maintain his archive and past historical works. The meeting also changed the group name to League of Researchers on Spirisitm (formally in English: Association of Researchers on Spiritism). This move tried to reflect the search for a new group’s identity and objectives, a group that should congregate not only Spiritualist oriented people but also non-Spiritualists. The research interests would concentrate on areas such as history of Spiritualism and Spiritist movements quite independently of any religious or philosophical orientation.

Since then, more 3 national meetings occurred, including the last one in Agust 2011. Other collaborations were also established with CCDPE-ECM, UNIFRAN and other institutions to ensure the publication of the LIHPE collection “Espiritismo na Universidade’ (Spiritualism at the University), besides summaries of several works presented during the LIHPE meetings that are distributed by CCDPE-ECM.

Other group’s activities include: national literary competitions, book publications, historical expositions and talks about specific themes. And much more will come!…

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