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Lihpe Objectives



This page describes LIHPE research objectives based on positive evidences about our reality.

Very little is known about the Spiritualist movement both in Brazil and abroad showing that a lot of effort is still necessary to rescue the history of its inception and development. To begin with, we ask: why should we bother about studying history?

Everything happens harmonically in Nature, always according to one of the fundamental bases of our Spiritualist philosophy which is the principle of cause and effect. We say that we harvest today what we have cropped yesterday. According to the Latin Vulgate, Historia Magistra Vitae Est (History is the teacher of Life). If history is the master of life, then in order to understand what happens in our Spiritualist movement today we must understand the struggles that took place yestarday, the ideological proposals, the biographies of the movement’s dedicated defenders, the history of their institutions, the ups and downs of the feats since then. Only by delving deeply in the past we can understand what happens today. History is constructed today with the aim of reaching tomorrow, but only through the understanding of the past.

With this aim we have organized a small group of people to create an association congregating historians and researchers of the 14 Brazilian states besides other members in Austria, Sweden, England, the USA and Portugal.

Our group activities started symbolically on March 17 2002.

Concerned about maintaining the memories of our past and the condition by which research is conducted today, we have gathered, by affinity, a large number of researchers to exchange information and to mutually help each other in several areas of research. In doing so, we are trying to rescue historical aspects of our movement and to contribute, therefore, to a scientific understanding of this history. We try to create a research environment in several scientific fields.

We do not intend to transform our association into a formal institution, nor simply into a discussion group. Therefore, LIHPE has no board of directors, formal regulations, a headquarter, member distinctive boards nor any other type of command. Our group neither requires any kind of donation. LIHPE is a reference list of Spiritualists dedicated to historiography and research in several fields. They work in cooperation, exchanging experiences, promoting collaborations and helping each other.

LIHPE has more than 150 members, many already known in the Brazilian Spiritualist society: Luciano Klein Filho, Sonia Rinaldi, Jáder Sampaio, Agnaldo Cardoso, Eduardo Carvalho Monteiro, Geraldo Campetti Sobrinho, Washington Fernandes, Jorge Damas, Aristides Coelho Neto, João Alberto Fiorini, Napoleão Araújo (in memoriam), Francisco Cajazeiras, David Liesenberg, Rejane Planer, Carlos Alberto Fragoso Guimarães, Sonia Theodoro and many others. And, every day new researchers subscribe to the LIHPE list as effective members. We also have some collaborators from other Spiritist institutions and federations such as FEB, CEI and USE. Sacrifice of some leisure and family time is the requested contribution.

Lihpe has as recent activities:

  1. The publication of a regular Spiritist and Historical yearbook;
  2. The expansion and updating of CCDPE-ECM Spiritualist archives;
  3. The publication of academic thesis;
  4. Organization of annual meetings (EnLIHPE);
  5. Development of specific research as required by the collection ‘Spiritism at the University’;
  6. Coordination of certain activities at CCDPE-ECM.

Plenary virtual meetings provide a perpetual environment for the exchange of ideas among researchers and works also as a way to the elaboration of research proposals.

Other recent proposals include:

  •  A special committee for the elaboration of a Spiritualist Encyclopedia that will be a reference work containing articles from several sources such as newspapers, magazines, libraries etc.
  • A proposal to create a dictionary of Spiritualist personalities that could be used as a research tool;
  • The elaboration of a CD with technical information for the maintenance of (old) photographs, magazines, books and other documents. Such idea is part of a national initiative to provide technical support to several documentation centers. Also, the initiative provides training in historiographical methodologies and other strategies that could help to improve research data acquisition quality.

However, all those works are just a tiny fraction of what still need to be done in order to preserve the memory of Spiritualism. In this sense, nothing on our web page is absolutely ready to be used and neither can you find there definitive analyses. Very few ready answers or clarifying doubts are provided. Rather, you will feel a sincere motivation to rescue and preserve the history of the Spiritualist movement.

Such work can be much improved with your participation. We ask you to help us with new translations, manuscript digitization and other simples tasks. We ask you to bring new ideas or to show present mistakes. Take to your Spiritualist circle or group the interest of preserving the minutes of your seances, photographs, documents, old books or whatever that could help in the preservation of our history. Help us to write the present chapter of the Spiritualist history and a new future will be on the way.


Based on the original text by Milton Piedade. Transl. and adapted into English by A. Xavier.

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